Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's 4am, I'm not coming up with a title

Here I sit, on the couch, at 4am with nothing better to do than blog on my Blackberry...W0W.

Some random ass dream woke me up but I can't seem to remember what it was. But I do know it was weird and caused my insomnia to kcik in. Which is odd cuz lately I've note been having too much trouble sleeping.

Anyway, so what's going on...obviously too much to blog, sorry readers, I've been absent, I forget sometimes though that I can get on here with my phone. But now you're gonne get blogs from weird places maybe. I dunno. I'm pretty bd at even remember this thing exists anymore. I don't even know if I have readers these days. My old blog had many.

Well were moving stuff from our current house to the garage in the new one. We've got guys in there working that should have been done by the weekend but now probably not till Tuesday. Damn. So I've got to use people two weekends probably cuz we had to move from house to house and now it'll be garage to house. Crap. I can't wait to finally move in thoe. Itl be nice. Bigger house more & bigger rooms, much bigger kitchen (well not really bigger but way more counter space anyway.

Connors doing great. Just being a 2 year old pretty much. He'll be 3 in two months. Woah, weird, LOL.

Yeah that's really all I wanna talk about on here. You can email if you wanna chat. I feel weird about blogging a lot of personal stuff anyway with all that's happened the past year. I don't know how private/secure I can make this page...note to self, call computer guy & ask.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's always busiest before the holidays

I really have a love/hate relationship with moving. It's a PITA to pack and clean and all that but I do love getting to a new place and setting it up. We're moving into the old house (by we I mean my mom, brother, son and myself) The other house is bigger, bigger yard, bigger/more rooms, plus there's 4 garages and space for 2 or 3 RVs. Not that we need all that but hey, we have it. LOL.

I am excited about getting to finally paint mine and Connor's rooms (oh yeah and having an actual bedroom with door and all for myself. LOL) Furniture-wise we're all set for his room but I really gotta replace my busted futon (thank you movie night people. LOL)

Oh and I WILL be enlisting the help of my wonderful friends in this move :-) especially those with trucks. :-) There will be pizza and beer for it though :-)

I am studying to take my state CTEC exam and I will be a tax preparer after that. Doesn't it sound exciting? LOL. But hey, everyone's gotta have their taxes done and I am really looking forward to my own paycheck. Something stable (well until April anyway) Then next year I will be taking another class to be a licensed administartor for a residential care facility (my mother owns a 40 bed in Salinas) From there, I'll figure out where to go.

The divorce drags should have been simple being that we had agreed on everything but my ex-husband likes to do everything the hard way. Hopefully the divorce part will be finished soon but he's taking my to court to try and get full custody, so that' a mess. But we're getting through it. With all the money that;s gone out I have been rethinking my career does divorce attorney sound? LOL

I really think that's basically it. I've run out of things to say (gasp!) So I will talk to you all later

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog #1

I haven't blogged in about a year but a friend sent me her blog and I thought I would get back into it. I used to really enjoy it. Kept me busy when I couldn't sleep and it was 3am. LOL. So anyway, a lot has gone on since the last time I blogged.

I live in Cali again now (Clovis, how exciting right? LOL)

I am getting a divorce

I'm nearly done with classes to be a tax preparer with H&R Block (hm...taxes sound exciting right?) I figure it this way, it's a job, with a paycheck, it's more than minimum wage, so I will live.

I'm living with my mom right now (don't I feel mature)

There's way more but not stuff I want to blog on right now. Maybe later sometime but the people reading this probably already know most of it anyway. I dunno.

I figured this would be easier than everyone asking the same stuff and all. It keeps you all up to speed. I'll put pics of Connor up too. I know those of you not around Clovis don't get to see us and he grows so fast. I will deal with setting this up later, have to go to class right now.