Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's 4am, I'm not coming up with a title

Here I sit, on the couch, at 4am with nothing better to do than blog on my Blackberry...W0W.

Some random ass dream woke me up but I can't seem to remember what it was. But I do know it was weird and caused my insomnia to kcik in. Which is odd cuz lately I've note been having too much trouble sleeping.

Anyway, so what's going on...obviously too much to blog, sorry readers, I've been absent, I forget sometimes though that I can get on here with my phone. But now you're gonne get blogs from weird places maybe. I dunno. I'm pretty bd at even remember this thing exists anymore. I don't even know if I have readers these days. My old blog had many.

Well were moving stuff from our current house to the garage in the new one. We've got guys in there working that should have been done by the weekend but now probably not till Tuesday. Damn. So I've got to use people two weekends probably cuz we had to move from house to house and now it'll be garage to house. Crap. I can't wait to finally move in thoe. Itl be nice. Bigger house more & bigger rooms, much bigger kitchen (well not really bigger but way more counter space anyway.

Connors doing great. Just being a 2 year old pretty much. He'll be 3 in two months. Woah, weird, LOL.

Yeah that's really all I wanna talk about on here. You can email if you wanna chat. I feel weird about blogging a lot of personal stuff anyway with all that's happened the past year. I don't know how private/secure I can make this page...note to self, call computer guy & ask.

Bye for now.

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